"Our objective

is to provide our customers with a
Premium remediation service.

Our philosophy is simple:
By integrating our world class safety program
with our site-specific safe-work procedures
and our highly trained personnel,
our team can develop
a strategic execution plan
that will enable us
to remove your hazardous building materials
safely and efficiently.



FLEET Remediation Services Inc. is a values-based hazardous materials abatement contractor. We are based in central Alberta and we supply our services to all of western Canada.

Our name is an acronym: Focused Leaders of Excellence in Environmental Technologies! We focus on strategic project planning & safety management which enables us to develop a precise execution schedule and abatement program.

Abatement services include:

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead-Based Paint Removal
  • Lead-Contaminated Dust Remediation
  • PCB Solids & Liquids - Identification, Removal, Packaging, Transport
  • Mould, Bio-Hazardous & Infectious Materials Clean-Up
  • Combustible Dusts Removal (i.e. Coal Finings, Sawdust)
  • Dust Control (i.e. Cryogel Z removal, Concrete Cutting)

Our management personnel offer a high level of professionalism and have the necessary field experience to insure that the abatement of hazardous materials from your site will be executed methodically and systematically, following a Site-Specific Safety Plan & Safe-Work procedure.

Our Abatement Technicians have extensive experience working in environments, such as industrial plants, factories, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and residential units.

At FLEET Remediation Services, we strive to achieve the highest level of safety excellence by utilizing only highly trained field technicians.  As well, we use only the best quality products & supplies available from trusted local suppliers.

Our micro-managed safety policies combined with the utilization of top quality products and our experienced personnel allow us to complete our top-quality projects incident free while maintaining maximum efficiency.

We are fully insured and carry a $5-million Commercial Policy. We are registered with WCB. We are members of *ISN® and ISNetworld®, the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), and we are Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified.

For more information, please contact us.

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